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At ZoeScripts Laboratory Services, we pride ourselves in providing fast and accurate urine and saliva toxicology testing results. Upon receipt of a specimen, results are generally delivered efficiently within one business day, hassle free by either convenient online portal or through facsimile.

Toxicology Laboratory Tampa
Same Day Screening

Same Day Screening

Immunoassay (screening-only) samples received by 12:00 PM have same day test results.
Next Day Confirmation

Next Day Confirmation

Confirmation testing of over 100 analytes is completed within one business day.

Tailored to your needs

Your test menu and results are fully customizable and will be tailored to your needs and those of your patients. We understand health care professionals have different needs and provide the following choices:

Individual tests

Individual drug tests may be selected for each patient, or a pre-set custom profile of drugs and metabolites can be adapted to suit your specific needs

Abundance Testing

An abundance of commonly prescribed, commonly abused, illicit, and up-and-coming drugs test are offered

On Demand Additions

The ability to offer a new/suggested drug of your choosing within one week is provided

Methamphetamine Analysis

The ability to differentiate between D (Illicit) and L (Legal) isomers of Methamphetamine